Transparent, Flexible and Always First-Class

We promise every client a first-class experience. That means real people taking a real interest in helping you make the best choices about your money. We want to know what your biggest concerns are and help address them. Our relationship-driven approach to wealth management can help ensure that our recommendations are always a direct reflection of your risk tolerance, assets and long-term financial goals. Your financial future will always be our top concern. We do our best for today while making sure we don’t neglect the challenges of tomorrow.

Education plays a major role in helping our clients plan for life. You’ll notice that we go out of our way to be transparent about our decisions, imparting our knowledge to our clients every step of the way. Why? Because an educated client makes better decisions, and ultimately, we want you to feel in control of your wealth and financial future.

The Emotional Bridge

Money is an emotionally loaded force in our lives, one that dictates everything from our sense of security to the dreams we hold for ourselves and our families. Unfortunately, emotionally-motivated financial decisions rarely work out for the best. Here’s the truth: The element of uncertainty—and the fear thereof—is a reality that every investor must face. Don’t let fear and short-term market swings dismantle your well thought out investment plans. Instead, rely on a seasoned voice with years of experience. We’ll help you maintain a long-term focus on your goals in the face of volatile market conditions.

Closing the Gap

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you may be feeling anxious about the abrupt transition between getting a steady paycheck and living on your retirement savings. You’ve worked hard for these years. Will you have enough? Will you be able to enjoy them? The best way to mitigate that fear is with a solid plan to close the “gap”—the difference between what you need to live comfortably in retirement and what’s in your portfolio right now. At Pat Cain Wealth Solutions, we’ll help you identify how much you need to save, outlining actionable steps to help you reach your goal of a comfortable retirement.

Creating a Living Plan

The best financial plans demand an ongoing engagement between client and advisor. High service is about more than creating a good experience—it’s an integral part in crafting an adaptive plan that evolves in line with your concerns, circumstances and goals. Aside from shifting priorities, fluctuating economic conditions and changes in tax and inheritance laws can also spark strategic modifications.