We take the time to go the extra mile.

As independent financial advisors, we’re never pressured to push a certain investment or insurance product. Instead, we let your priorities drive the strategy. Our four-step process can help guarantee that your financial goals accurately mirror your life goals, even as they evolve.

Visualize Your FutureA short video about our financial planning software.


1. Understand your goals and concerns

We begin every new client relationship the same way: with a conversation. In addition to getting a clear account of your current financial situation, we want to know what’s most important to you. Travel? College for the grandkids? Leaving an inheritance? Preserving your charitable legacy? And if you’re like most of us, you probably have a few nagging worries, too. Can I afford to stop working? What happens if I outlive my money? After discussing your aspirations and concerns, we’ll be able to create an accurate picture of your immediate and long-term goals. It’s a deep discovery process with big returns.


2. Develop a living plan that meets your needs

We never begin with a solution in mind. Instead, we develop a customized strategy that transforms your ambitions into actionable financial goals. Why do we use the term “living plan?” Because it’s inevitable that your priorities in life will shift over time, which means your plan should, too. It’s also inevitable that unexpected events will happen in life, and your plan should be flexible enough to roll with the changes. Since Raymond James is a premier full-service investment firm, our investment product toolbox is second to none. We offer a wide array of solutions such as retirement plans, education accounts, mutual funds, ETF’s, stocks, individual taxable bonds and tax-free municipal bonds, CDs, insurance, annuities, trust and asset management services, and so much more.


3. Implement your individualized strategy

Next, we’ll put your custom plan into motion. While it’s impossible to forecast exactly what will happen in your life, our sophisticated goal planning software can help. We want our clients to live confidently, knowing that their plan can weather the unexpected and help them retire in comfort. In the interest of creating a holistic wealth management plan, we’ll also coordinate our efforts with your other professional advisors, such as attorneys or tax specialists, to help make sure your plan is comprehensive across the board. (Raymond James does not provide any legal or tax advice).


4. Evaluate your progress and adjust accordingly

Your best interests are our beacon. As conditions change, we’ll make the necessary adjustments to help optimize your plan so you can work towards achieving your goals. That is why financial planning is dynamic not static. We oversee your plan with evolving insight to help make sure we stay on track.